Commercial Liftoff Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in applying…

What is the role of ENERGYWERX?
What is the role of DOE?
What is the value of a “voucher”?
Does the Voucher Recipient receive funding?
How do I know if I’m eligible?
Are the OTT/TCF Energywerx and American Made Challenge voucher programs one and the same?

I am applying as a Voucher Provider

Can I apply to multiple Voucher Provider Opportunities?
Are National Labs eligible to be Voucher Providers?
For National Lab providers, would the voucher be paid after work is completed, or would it be front funded?

I am applying as a Voucher Recipient

What kind of support can I receive?
Can current voucher recipients apply to be recipients in a different / new voucher opportunity?

I am a selected Voucher Provider

How does contracting work for the selected and matchedProvider. ?
What evidence do I need to submit when invoicing to ensure I get paid?