Advancing Collaborative Clean Energy Solutions

Innovative collaborators across the United States will soon have access to a new innovation hub for energy technologies.

The Mission

ENERGYWERX strives to discover, engage, and accelerate innovation in support of DOE’s missions to expand the development and deployment of clean energy solutions, heighten energy security, and strengthen national security ecosystems.

The Ecosystem

The hub leverages proven methodologies and practices to increase cooperative and joint activities between DOE and industry, utilities, localities, and other non-traditional performers and collaborators with a goal of enabling the rapid development, scaling, commercialization, and deployment of energy technologies and solutions.


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The United States is undergoing a clean energy shift characterized by the strong expansion of the renewable energy sector. This industry not only exemplifies economic vitality, generating billions, but also symbolizes limitless economic opportunities for nations that invent, produce, and export clean energy technologies.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Employing the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, these solutions create power when hydrogen is combined with oxygen in fuel cells, producing water as the only byproduct.

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Harnessing the power of the sun, this technology captures sunlight and transforms it into electricity, offering an abundant and increasingly cost-effective energy source.

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Utilizing the earth's natural airflows, this method produces power when wind turbines convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, tapping into a clean and endless resource.

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Exploiting the kinetic or potential energy of water, solutions in this realm generate electricity through methods like tidal, wave, and ocean thermal energy conversion.

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Tapping into the heat stored beneath the Earth's surface, this technology exploits naturally occurring underground reservoirs of steam and hot water to produce power.

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Deriving power from organic materials, this approach converts biomass like plants and agricultural waste into energy, providing both electricity and fuel.

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Leveraging nuclear reactions to release thermal energy, this method uses heat to generate steam which powers turbines to produce electricity, offering large-scale, continuous energy output.

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Carbon Capture

By removing carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions directly from industrial sources or from the atmosphere, CO₂ can be stored underground or utilized in various applications.

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