Voucher Opportunity 8: Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) Community Development (Coming Soon!)



This voucher opportunity will enable first-time energy storage deployments in communities who wish to benefit from the decarbonization, resilience, and workforce benefits of energy storage. Recipients of this program may include municipalities, tribes and tribal organization, state or local governments, community development organizations, or utilities, who are interested in deploying energy storage in their jurisdiction. These recipients will receive support from providers for technical assistance siting/permitting support, storage project road mapping, regional modeling, energy use analysis, technical feasibility studies, technology solution decision-making, and community engagement. Providers may include national labs, consulting firms, or nonprofit organizations.

Vouchers will be distributed as in-kind support, meaning that ENERGYWERX will directly reimburse the voucher provider for the work they have completed on behalf of the voucher recipients. The value of each voucher will depend on the services defined in the Providers’ capability statements, with estimated values of support services per recipient ranging from $50k to$150k.  

More information about this opportunity is coming soon, with Provider Applications planned to open at the end of April.

As numerous Voucher Opportunities are being offered/planned, an Overview pages has been created to explain how Vouchers are utilized by Providers and Recipients. Please visit Voucher Opportunities for details.


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