Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC) Implementation Grants

Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains Undersecretary for Infrastructure, DOE
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Overview: Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs)

IAC Program

  • 37 universities around the country have conducted over 20,000 IAC assessments over more than 40 years
  • The program provides technical assistance to small- and medium-sized manufacturing firms while training the next generation of energy-savvy engineers
  • Assessments typically identify >$130K in potential annual savings, with ~$50K implemented in the first year – and the potential for much more with the implementation grants

Overview: Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnerships (CHP TAPs)

CHP TAP Program

  • 10 regional entities around the country have conducted >1000 technical screenings over the past 5 years
  • Partner with manufacturers to identify cost effective & resilient ways to deploy combined heat & power (CHP)
  • Identify and address barriers to using CHPs to advance regional efficiency, promote energy independence, & enhance the nation’s grid resiliency

IAC Implementation Grants Round 1 Solicitation

  • $80M in funding available
  • Grants awards of up to $300,000 per manufacturer, at a 50% cost share
  • Eligibility exclusively for small- and medium-sized1 manufacturing firms
  • To address recommendations by IACs or DOE Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnerships

What is a covered project under the IAC Implementation Grants Program?

  • Improve site energy and/or material efficiency
  • Improve site cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Improve site productivity
  • Reduce site waste production
  • Reduce site greenhouse gas emissions and/or non-greenhouse gas pollution

Workstream 1: Grants to implement recommendations made in IAC & CHP TAP assessments between 2018-2023

Applications will be screened for initial eligibility…

Applicant has a gross annual sales <$100M

  • Applicant has a gross annual sales <$100M
  • <500 employees at site of interest
  • Site annual energy bills between $100,000 - $3,500,000
  • Manufacturer is a domestic entity & received an IAC or CHP TAP assessment between 2018 and 2023
  • Proposed project address energy management, waste reduction, or productivity improvement recommendations
  • At least one project that aligns with the goal of achieving a net-zero GHG emissions economy
  • The assessment-estimated payback period for proposed project(s) is at least 1 year

…and further evaluated against the following criteria...

Impact & Feasibility (50%)

  • The degree to which proposed projects has on the site’s productivity, economics, energy and emissions performance

Financial Assistance Need (25%)

  • The degree to which to which the applicant demonstrates financial need of grant funding to execute proposed projects

Community Benefits (25%)

  • The degree to which the proposed project will provide a positive environmental and economical benefit to the surrounding community

Workstream 2: First round of IAC Implementation Grants focusing on qualifying third-party assessors for future rounds

Qualify entities/organizations that execute energy assessments for manufacturers…

  1. Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs)  
  2. Better Plants In-Plant Trainings
  3. Utility Companies
  4. Engineering Consulting Firms Other Private Sectors

… and meet the following eligibility criteria to ensure equivalency of DOE assessments

Initial Eligibility Criteria

  • Generates final reporting that captures information on implementation costs, benefits, plant process, etc.
  • Assessment leverages key plant personnel: Plant Manager, Energy Manager, Engineering Personnel
  • Assessor conducts yearly follow up to track implementation status of projects
  • Assessor is willing to share assessment protocol and interact with DOE and regional IACs